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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  May 25, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> that's right, that's for a group of baltimore county teens. how they're preparing to reach a new culture abroad. it's not too late to dig on the summer vacation where you can track down the best deals. how you can expect gas prices to affect your pockets into the summer months. the first 27 students here say good-bye to peers and they're heading to china. we were there as they boarded the bus to the airport. >> this passport is to be kept
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on you. >> reporter: some final instructions for the students and chaperons before they board the bus taking them to the airport leaving for china. >> i'm not sure what i'm expecting. everything's different, the food's different. the language is different. i'm excited to experience all of that. >> i'm excited and happy. >> we're so proud of her. we're so excited. this is a great accomplishment for her. just, as i said, to see her grow into the woman she's become. >> i'm extremely proud and blessed to know she'll be traveling to china. she's worked hard for the last three years and learning the culture and the language of the people of china.
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it's just wonderful it's wonderful. >> it's like a life changing experience. so, it's just something i could say once in a lifetime. >> reporter: but the public school's chinese cultural exchange program was started in 2007. it allows the students to visit each other's schools and stay with host families and tour cultural attractions. >> to live and breathe into an experience you only use your imagination to comprehend, that's mind boggling. it's something they'll never forget. >> reporter: they'll return on july 17th. it's quickly a program that's becoming a national model. it's a warm day outside.
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temperatures are well into the upper 80s and even the 90s. 90 in columbia and gaithersburg and 90 on the shore in chestertown. that's warm stuff. temperatures are still in the 80s out there. nothing locally, but still, tornadic storms in the midwest. rough weather in that direction. the rest of the evening here, through the 80s we go. it's quiet tonight. we have one day as we go into the memorial day weekend. we could see active weather. thank you, wyatt. as always, abc2 news is working for you. we have some of the best summer travel deals. you may want to start with the internet. >> reporter: for so many travelers these days, the first steps of a journey are taken online. >> i googled unique hotels in new orleans. this is one of the hotels in
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the area. >> reporter: step two: >> i looked at the views and you know, i went to other sites to see the pro's and con's and the pro's out weighed the con's. particularly, since it's been renovated. >> reporter: using the internet is the ultimate travel tool. >> now, it's so much more than that. with twitter and facebook, the rules have changed. the guests are really in control. the hotels. you 4th of july a relationship better -- you forge a better relationship with the hotel. >> reporter: that relationship can turn into better things like nice welcome gifts and exclusive invitations to hotel events. >> on facebook, if you like the
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page, you get a special offer. >> reporter: she's the internet marketing manager for this boutique hotel in the french quarter. >> we're excited to introduce this hotel to the public. we're leveraging the hotel. >> reporter: there's another plus. >> this form of marketing is less expensive? >> reporter: >> yes, there's no cost. >> reporter: travelers who want to be insiders should follow these guidelines. become a fan of or follow the future destinations and even the sites you'll see. stick with hotels with solid reputations and personal recommendations. and if an online deal seems too good to be true, pick up the
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phone and check it out. if you choose to stay connected, social media could lead to an upgrade. we hear about people saying, if i had a margarita, it would be perfect. sometimes, they'll bring you the margarita. that's a win/someone. >> reporter: one more travel tip. join a group coupon program for your destination city. you'll arrive with deals on hand. ready to make a splash for your next home away from home we're in new orleans. i'm ready to go on vacation. you know, traveling to another country, it can be dangerous. if you want to know the safety of your destination, check out the state department you'll want to find a summary of warnings and alerts. you can also notify the plans
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through steps. it's the smart traveler enrollment programs. well, closer to home, the 30th annual art scape is near. today, mayor stephanie rawlings- blake announced all of the details for america's largest free art's festival. the event is kicking off tonight and running through the 17th. they'll have 80s fashion and art and culture to celebrate the birth of art scape from back in '82. hundreds participated. >> three of the music stages were turned this year. the wells fargo features fantasia, g. love and special song. >> and there's a lot of good food. they'll have a lot of
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children's activities as well. it's at the special spot, north charles street and marlboro avenue. coming up, shocking claims from the trial of case case -- casey anthony. we just, we, you know, we played together. >> baltimore city detective has spent years piecing together mysteries. there's one case close to his heart, he can't break. [ horns honking ]
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people are seeing their retirements decrease. more than half don't believe they'll have enough to live during retirement. home values are shrinking and the economy plays a big reason. get ready to cost up extra money for folgers. they're going to raise the prices 11% more. the company blames the rising
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cost of beans. competitors, starbucks and kraft have also increased their prices. there's been major yoyo affects at the pump. now, it could be coming down. we'll help you find a plan ratherer and create a plan for your summer road trip. and then, there's headaches on the road. but, it's not what's on the street that's causing the backup. check up and look at this guy.
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prosecutors are claiming that casey anthony put duct tape over her nose and mouth. the defense claims that the grandfather disposed of caylee anthony's body. and an autopsy failed to find conclusive cause of death. you know, in a city full of violence, he's the one you turn to. he's a tecttive with the fire department. there's one life he couldn't save, it was his brother's. we have a look at the murder from 2006. >> there's a picture of tony. >> reporter: whether it's cops and robbers or cowboys and indians.
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growing up, they were inaccept -- inseparable. >> reporter: they came from a broken home. they were sent to live in foster homes. when the boy's aunt saw they were separated, she took them in. >> she raised us. that was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to us. >> reporter: she made sure they were brought up in the church. his faith is what helped him get through the most difficult time in his life. it was september 14th, 2006, he was at work investigating a shooting. when a supervisor tapped him on the shoulder. >> i have seen the rising time. he came and got me [crying] he said that something happened to my brother and he was at the hospital and we needed to go to
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the hospital. the way he looked at me. i could see it wasn't good. >> reporter: he was horrified to find his best friend covered in blood and surrounded by doctors. >> there was no response from his bodies and the doctors were trying to resuscitate his body. >> reporter: within minutes of his arrival, he was gone. garcia called his wife, she was on her way home returning from blockbuster video in waverly, that's where antonio worked. she stopped to visit him. >> i got a call from my husband, she said that tony's been shot. >> reporter: she couldn't believe what she heard. having just seen antonio, none of it making sense.
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>> i said, i just left the store. >> reporter: it was only when she arived that he tolder, antonio was gone. >> i was in disbelief. >> reporter: he was killed in an attempted robbery. two teens came into the store and demanded money. he questioned them and they returned with gun fire. the only other person in the store didn't get a good look at the boys. >> we talked to people and we checked for vehicles that didn't belong there. it was an extensive investigation. >> reporter: despite the efforts, the case went cold. >> we hit a dead end. >> reporter: he remembers how hard it was to go back to work. it was his faith in god that helped him get through the loss of his brother. >> i have great, great people surrounding me at the job.
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they kept things going. >> reporter: his children will miss their father. he loved his children more than anything, there were his life. he always put them first. >> reporter: the hope now is to have peace of mind. >> these people, whoever they are, just do the right thing, please. just do the right thing. for the name of justice and for human man kind. do the right thing. >> reporter: in waverly, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> that's a heart breaking stories. if you have information, call the cold case squad. the number is on the screen. you can also text your tip to crimes. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most
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accurate by weather rate. weatherwise, it's warm and balmy. we have a live shot at the inner harbor dragon boats are doing what they do. they're moving across the harbor. 83 degrees now and winds south's at 7. that's relatively low, but not low enough to generate storms. we were time lapsing video. we saw a slight cloud cover billowing up. the weather is staying clear. there's a lot of foliage on the ground here in mount airy. the pollen counts are high. maryland's most powerful radar is clear. just five sweeps finding nothing out there. right now, the temperatures are in the low to mid-80s. we'll get to 73 in deep creek
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lake and 78 at the beach. that's to show you the west and eastern ends of the state. the highs were warm. i think that tomorrow, we'll push up close to that again. we should have plenty of sun in the sky once again. minimal amount of cloud cover once again. upper 80s for the inner harbor and reisterstown. cecil county, looking for upper 80s as well. we could be -- the satellite is quiet. pennsylvania and virginia, west virginia, nothing. out west here, power house storms are corkscrewing their way across the central midwest. not so much in the plains like missouri and northern arkansas and western tennessee and western kentucky. there's an active boundary to the west. i think we're nice and dry. it's as the system begins to
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move our way friday, we could see showers and storms flairing up. perhaps, that could last into early saturday. most of the weekend will be dry. good news for your weekend plans. thursday, for starting the week off early, you'll see fantastic weather. friday, the clouds increase. 67 degrees tonight and warm tomorrow. 88 is your two degree guarantee. seven-day forecast, again, the three day weekend, not looking bad at all. looking hot. you'll get a chance to go to the pool, lake or beach, i recommend it sunday and monday. thank you, wyatt. well, i got gas today. things are looking good now, but we've been feeling the pain at the pump. are the prices going to jump up again? we have the answers so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: the spring of 2007
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has been a gas price nightmare for many drivers. the prices have jumped 30 cents in one day or more. now, they're down. drivers are wondering, what's next? this yoyo spring for gas prices has seen prices as high as $4.19 a gallon. now, they're falling. $3.56 and lower. that's good for now. what's going to happen this summer when we hit the highway. fingers crossed and gas prices may have peaked for the year. the two factors that lead to the spike has eased, mid- eastern problems and refinery problems. the mississippi floods didn't shut down refineries as feared. these price drops came at a great time. the prices may fall further after memorial day depending on the midwest.
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the oil prices above a hundred dollars means prices near 4 bucks. go to for more. all right, thank you, john. coming up at 6:00, when you spend your $60 to fill up the car. are you getting what you pay for? we want to find out. this man paid a local station a little surprise visit. we're there. normally, the cameras are following the orioles, today, it's about the oriole's pets. you'll love this, coming up next.
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all now, we'll talk about the dangers of co-sleeping. abc2 news at 6:00 starts right now. is 93 octane really 93 octane? we'll take you to a gas test. there's nothing more important than the safety of your little ones. we want you to know whatnot to do so your baby is safe and sound. >> it's important. there are a lot of animals without families. >> some oriole players called in their four legged teammates. you'll love this store rich story.